Comic Book of the Week (09 April 2015)


By: Todd McFarlane, Brian Holguin (story) and Clayton Crain (art) 


I’ve always had the propensity of checking out the first issues of a comic book that piques my interest. And this week, Savior did just that.

Having little knowledge what its about, I was surprised to discover that it involves beings with superhuman abilities, yet again. But stay with me here, it goes beyond your typical superhero tropes.

From the opening pages the story moves at a brisk pace, getting you acquainted with the story and the world that it seeks to build. The story introduces the Samaritan, an infamous celebrity like hero of a so-called miracle in Damascus incident that took place 6 months ago.

Flashback ensues and it follows Cassie, a world-renowned reporter who just so happens to be in town giving a talk with the local high school students. A point that the creators focused on was the inclination of humankind to confirmation bias, where humankind tends to accept views that are inclined towards them, while shutting out those which do not favor them. Its an on-going theme in the first issue which raises the underlying question of people having confirmation bias towards superheroes in general.


The confirmation bias theme is particularly highlighted in the first few pages when Samaritan was going through the crowd to attend a hearing of sorts, where people have their own opinion about him and what danger he poses to the society.

The reveal at the end though, after the incident referred to as the miracle in Damascus, hightened the mystery as to how people have come to love or hate Samaritan as a hero.

On the art side of things, the comic book was beautifully drawn and has several sprawling splash pages that even any simple non-comic book afficionado would appreciate and love.

I highly recommend picking this issue up and see how far this story takes us.

I give it 4/5 stars.

@geeknow0218 Gino is the gladiators resident TV episode and comicbook reviewer. A lawyer in the making at day, and full on geek by night. #AgeOfTheGeek


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