AJ Lee retires from WWE


Former 3-time Divas Champion and Former RAW GM, AJ Lee a.k.a. April Mendez retires from “In-ring competition with WWE”

AJ quits

In the Tweet above and the 2-sentence post on WWE.com, made this morning, The Wrestling Entertainment giant announced AJ Lee’s retirement from the company.

Lee had previously taken time off last year in April after losing the Divas Championship to the then debuting Paige, ending her record-breaking reign at 295 days. Lee requested the time off to marry her long-time boyfriend CM Punk a.k.a. Phil Brooks in June 13, 2014. After taking three months off again this year, to heal an actual neck injury, she returned to the ring for a few week to help out her rival Paige and feud against the Bella Twins. This culminated in them finally defeating the Bellas in the recently concluded Wrestlemania 31. One week later, WWE announces AJ’s retirement.

Unconfirmed speculation has led fans to believe that Punk’s bad blood and controversial departure from the WWE influenced Lee’s opinion of the corporation. The brevity of the statements fuel speculations that there maybe more happening behind the scenes than we are led to believe. Whatever the case may be,┬áThe Gladiators wish her all the best, she brought something to the Divas division that it sorely needed, physicality, personality and attitude.

As of the posting of this report, AJ has yet to issue a statement addressing this matter.

We’ll have more on the matter as it develops, so keep it right here for updates! Also, throw us a Like on Facebook and follow @GeekendGlads on Twitter!


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