Showstoppers! Our favorite moments from the best Wrestlemania to date!


Wrestlemania 31 just happened and it might be the best one ever!! These are our favorite moments!

Warning: Electrifying Spoilers Follow

Gladiator @raffygraffiti says:


Wrestlemania is touted as the “Grandest stage of them all”. This year it featured the grandest STAGE of them all. I mean, look at it!

Wrestlemania Stage 2

Wrestlemania Stage It’s massive! On top of that, the crowd set a record-breaking attendance with 76,976 fans coming out to see the showcase of Immortals. The open air and natural lighting coupled together with thousands of cheering people set the scene for an epic arena fit for the only the mightiest of warriors. Every time a superstar would make an entrance to the ring it was like a gladiator emerging from the pit to enter the Colosseum.


and if you can’t already tell by the name of this website, then yes, we dig that

Honorable Mention: THIS VINE


5. DAMN!!

4. The Undertaker rises


The Undertaker has not set foot in a WWE arena since his tragic defeat last year at Wrestlemania 30, at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Many speculated that, even through repeated taunting and baiting  from  Bray Wyatt in the lead-up shows to Wrestlemania, the Dead Man will be a no show at the Grandest stage of them all. The anticipation in the arena was palpable as the haunting notes of the Undertaker’s entrance music filled the Levi’s Stadium. Will he show? or Won’t he? After what seemed like minutes on end, a familiar silhouette made its way through the eerie smoke. The Undertaker lives!

He would go on to win his match against Wyatt and improve his Wrestlemania record to 22-1. It wouldn’t have been ‘Mania without ya, Dead Man!

3. DX versus NWO!


The Monday Night Wars resume! If you were a kid in the 90’s and loved wrestling you would know how much that picture above represented the greatest feud you ever knew. On one side, D-generation X, on the other, NWO. Both groups considered to be the rebels (and the faces) of the WWF and WCW respectively. WWF and WCW. Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro. DX and NWO.

The sheer amazement of the fans that these two legendary groups are now in the same ring had prompted them to cheer something I have never heard cheered in a WWE Arena. “THIS. IS. AWESOME!” “THIS. IS. AWESOME!”.

and dammit, it was awesome!


The scene: Seth Rollins has just seized the momentum thanks to the timely intervention of JJ Security, delivering the Curb Stomp, his finishing move, to Randy Orton. Rollins pins Orton, 1! 2! and Orton just manages to kick out.

Desperation sets in as Rollins climbs the top rope, hoping to finish off Orton with a moonsault. Just as Rollins jumps in the air, Orton ducks out of the way. Rollins lands on his feet and manages to counter an RKO attempt by Orton. Rollins recovers and set up his Curb Stomp again. Then suddenly,this happens:

Randy Orton counters the Curb Stomp with an RKO out of nowhere! It was glorious!

1. The Rock and Ronda Rousey take down the Authority!


Sometime midway through the proceedings, Stephanie Mcmahon and Triple H, The Authority, took the ring to announce that they have set a new attendance record in Levi’s® Stadium, A whopping 76,976 attendees! In true Authority fashion however, they were quick to point out that this was all due to them and all their hard work. They also enlightened us to the fact that they owned Sting, every superstar and diva just like they owned the people.

You know who has something to say about that? This guy:


The People’s Champ, The Rock, interrupts The Authority’s little power trip to the pleasure of all in attendance. Shortly after though, he is sucker slapped by Stephanie and is seemingly emasculated and sent packing, as he would never hit a woman. Little did everyone know, The Rock was just calling in for reinforcements in the form of this woman:

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey!!


a.k.a. the most dangerous woman in the world with a Dragonball Shirt

After a little bit of vebal jostling, the Rock and Rousey proceeded to layeth the Smacketh Down on The Authority in one of the most amazing displays of legit badassery and human being can invoke.

Rousey and Rock!


Over 9000 indeed!

What were your favorite Wrestlemania 31 moments? What were your all-time faves? Let us know in the comments below! or tweet at us @geekandglads or Like Geekend Gladiators on Facebook for more updates!:)


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