How To Get Your Own Loot Crate in the Philippines


Ever since we posted the Unboxing Video of our February Loot Crate (

I have been getting a lot of messages asking how I was able to buy a Loot Crate for Raffy in the Philippines. Here’s how!

So geeky friends/geeky girlfriends just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on this link to choose the type of Loot Crate subscription that you like:

2. Register with Johnny Air Plus and use one of their addresses as your shipping address

3. Send them an email to notify them about your order.

4. aaand Wait! The whole process takes about two weeks but the wait is definitely worth it!

Note: The Loot Crate costs only less than $20 depending on the type of subscription you’ll choose. Regarding the payment for shipment, I only paid for it when I was claiming my crate. They charged me Php 857. Not bad considering the content of the crate costs more than $20. Enjoy!


22 thoughts on “How To Get Your Own Loot Crate in the Philippines

  1. Hi, I just ordered a loot crate today because they have a 50% sale and then when I calculated the shipping fee it’s 1,400 pesos. Like, the item is less than 1000 pesos and I was expecting to be charged the same as you and apparently I’m gonna be charged more like WTH?


  2. Is this thread still active? Gusto ko lang po itanong kung yung shipping address nila ung gagamitin ko, babayaran ko ba sa loot crate is yung local US price na $50 or ung international pricing nila? About po pala to sa Mass Effect Crate. Thanks in advance

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