Arrow – The Offer Episode Review


“The Decision” or lack thereof…

Tonight marked the return of Arrow after a few weeks off ending on a tremendous cliff-hanger involving a certain offer from the Lion’s Head himself, Ra’s Al Ghul. And lets just say that the episode delivered on some solid character drama with a side of action.

So the episode picked-up exactly where it left off and the scenes between Ollie and Ra’s was all sorts of electric. Ras was clearly in his element throughout the scenes showing that subtle menace and terror underneath his skin yet still exuding that calm demeanor worthy of bearing the title of Ra’s Al Ghul. This was particularly shown when Ra’s stepped-in in what seemed to be a sparring session between members of the League of Assassins with the look of death in his eyes only to pull back and guide the apprentice and remind him of his footing (kind of Ra’s reminding Bruce Wayne to mind his surroundings, in Batman Begins, but I digress). From there on Ra’s was all business with how he tried to convince Ollie to replace him.  What stuck to me though was his warning that Ollie will be alone, which echoes to Ollie’s realization earlier in the season saying that he does not want to die alone. A little bit on the nose in my opinion. And from that point on it was all about Ollie reflecting on what he has accomplished through his 3 year crusade.

Back in Starling City, things were’nt going so great for Ollie as well. With the fact that Captain Lance comfronted him on choosing not to tell him of Sara’s death, with that of seeing what he was missing when he saw Felicity and Ray Palmer together. Overall, Ollie has been through the wringer these past few months and everything right now is coming to a head. And at this point Ollie was ready to throw in the towel and decide to take Ras on his offer. Enter Diggle to give Ollie something to ponder on. But what really helped Ollie was Felicity talking to him and giving him the push/kick that he needs to realize the point why he started and continues this crusade of his.

The episode also gave us a new villain in the form of Murmur. Though the villain wasn’t really made that much of a deal, but rather a means to get the proceedings rolling. Oh, how could I forget, Nyssa doing a complete180 on her father and choosing to stay in Starling city rather than kill Ollie for being a rival as heir to Ra’s Al Ghul. And kudos to the creative team for giving us something unexpected by Nyssa not choosing to attack Thea.

The action pretty much picked-up once Murmur started targetting the police with diamond-tipped bullets (are there actual things?) and team Arrow swooping in to save the GCPD, with Nyssa aligning herself with team arrow. The best part of this scene was when Ollie saved Capt. Lance and took Murmur down, where Lance asked “you waiting for a thank you?” And Ollie responding “that’s not why I do this” or something to that effect.

And at the end it was good to see Ollie finding himself and rediscovering that fire why he took on this crusade in the first place, and to have that moment shared with Felicity was icing on top.

The flashbacks were pretty much disappointing, considering that the flashbacks are a strong suit of this show. All it proved was that somehow, someway, Maseo’s son would wind up dead and would probably be the wedge that caused Maseo to join the league and for him to leave Tatsu.

Overall, this was a solid episode, but pales in comparison to the episode prior to it. 3.5/5 stars.


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