Geekend Gladiators!

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Are you not entertained?!

Well you should be! Because we are launching the Geekend Gladiators blog! Your source for all the Nerdy News, Views and Reviews about all things Geeky!!

Take a look around! there’s not a lot of stuff up yet, but were working hard, Spartan-style to make sure your trip to this Colosseum is worth your gold!

In the meantime, check out our Nerd Rage Section where the Gladiators Rant or Rave about all the nerdy things. Also check out our resident TV and Comicbook Geek, Gladiator @geeknow0218 as he reviews different TV shows and Comics week to week in our Sage Reviews Section! And finally, if you’re looking to get your into Wrestling and/or Toys and collectibles, Vinyl Valkyrie @moreaurora gives you the low-down on  The New Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop on our news section Geeky Leaks

You can expect plenty more content coming soon for our other sections:  Sage Reviews: where the Gladiators give the verdict on the latest Videogames, Movies and TV Shows, and tell you whether its Yay! or Nay!; Specul8 where the Gladiators break code and dish out all the predictions made by our resident Oracle. and the In the Car After Podcast where the Gladiators engage in glorious, bloody.. discussion about anything and everything under the nerdy sun (oh yes, there will be blood!)

Be sure to also follow us on:

Twitter: @GeekendGlads




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Instagram: @raffygraffiti

or Email us at

’til next time, Let the games begin! and..



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